Oh la la !

Mar 2, 2018


C’est très sérieux. Nous sommes priés d’assister à la visite en avant-première…

Read all about this joint project with the Van Abbemuseum in this press release.

It was in 2006 that I first went to Vitebsk. After reading Alexandra Shatskikh’s book* the next year, I thought about an exhibition on this theme. Let’s put it mildly and say that it took quite some time after that to try and realize our plans in the Van Abbemuseum and, when the project got too big for us, to finalize it with Paris. But now it is starting to look like a real exhibition: 1000 m2 divided into seven rooms on the second floor of Centre Pompidou. Open on 28 March…


*Shatskikh, Aleksandra Semenovna, Vitebsk : The Life of Art. New Haven, Conn. ; London: Yale University Press, 2007.

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