Back, but not in the USSR

Apr 5, 2018

Just before we got on the plane, a Dutch bank warned the passengers of the flight to Moscow for the shock they were to experience three hours later. And yes, this time, Russia turns out to be a very strange country indeed. It might be because I am on the wagon in a plane…

There was a pale stewardess welcoming me at the airport. I noticed with a shiver that last years winner of the Russian corporate banking competition was a bank named avangard. And suddenly an equally pale Russian teacher (who also teaches me Russian) urged me to learn, learn and learn again. All very hallucinatory…

Another pale human, this time a girl is offering me a Pepsi, while a doctor is explaining the immunity system of the human body. How do we protect ourselves from softdrinks? By drinking alcohol?

Russia might be a culture shock for many, but I already start to feel at home here. I rented this Moscow apartment a few times before and the view from this window never bores me. But I am quite exhausted now after this journey.

What was the name of this Russian film again? Exam for immortality? Something like that. But I feel I failed that exam. I need to sleep and get ready for the Lissitzky exhibitions tomorrow. I need a light meal and more immunity in order to do the exam again.

Who cannot sleep may watch the movie here.

Boris Nikolaevich Gavrilov:

Let’s carry him carefully, so he doesn’t wake up.

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