The blogs below are all in English. They were mostly written during trips abroad to take part in a conference or to install an exhibition. All were originally published on the website of the Van Abbemuseum. The title pictures of these blogs are of poor quality. I will check with the webmaster why this occurs. Also one link does not function.

Lissitzky – Kabakov : Up and running to the Hermitage, 15-06-2013

Lissitzky – Kabakov : the continuing story, 27-06-2013

Whirling white wine weather, 29-06-2013

Moving on to the opening, 30-06-2013

The show must go on, 02-07-2013

Long-term loans, bow ties and a lady in green, 15-07-2013

Lissitzky – Kabakov : stage 3, 13-09-2013

What goes where?, 14-09-2013

Lissitzky poster heavily damaged, 15-09-2013

Hello Goodbye!, 15-09-2013

Hanging, hanging over again and a hangover, 19-09-2013

Old news: James was here!, 12-10-2013

More old news: the Moscow morning after and later in London, 09-11-2013

How on earth do you get to Vitebsk?, 12-11-2013

From UNOVIS to UNOWIS, 14-11-2013

Why Unovis today?, 27-11-2013

A wedge to open the new year, 01-01-2014

The last station, 01-02-2014

Cooking at full speed, 04-02-2014

Dinner is being served. Come and see it!, 06-02-2014

A new Garage for the seasons of the year, 11-06-2015

From Eagle to Angel : part 1, 11-12-2015

From Eagle to Angel : intermezzo, 12-12-2015

From Eagle to Angel : part 2, 13-12-2015

From Eagle to Angel : part 3,16-12-2015

From Eagle to Angel : part 5. How to find angels in the land of the eagles?, 03-03-2016

From Eagle to Angel : part 4, I saw the Angel of History, 06-04-2016

Two monuments in Bern, 27-06-2017